Keppel DHCS

Keppel DHCSKeppel DHCS is the first and largest district cooling systems (DCS) developer and service provider in Singapore, providing DCS services through the development and operation of such systems at major business and industrial parks, including Changi Business Park, one-north and Woodlands Wafer Fab Park, with a combined plant capacity exceeding 65,000 refrigeration tonnes.

In 2010, Keppel DHCS made its first foray into China to provide district heating and cooling systems (DHCS) services in the Eco-Business Park of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. The plant incorporates geothermal technology to support its heating and cooling requirements and commenced commercial operations in August 2013.

In 2014, Keppel DHCS expanded its offerings to provide Retail CoolingTM for individual buildings. Retail CoolingTM allows Keppel DHCS to extend its market reach beyond the DCS catchment area by installing dedicated cooling systems at customers’ premises.

DCS and DHCS offer energy efficiencies by aggregating heating and cooling demands of facilities in its vicinity. They can also help to lower the maximum load on power supplies by carrying out cooling or heating processes during off peak hours for usage during peak hours, thus benefiting from off-peak tariffs at the same time.

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