Cindy Lim

CEO and Director

Cindy LimMs Cindy Lim joined Keppel in 2001. She was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte Ltd (Keppel Infrastructure) on 15 February 2021.

In her 20 years with Keppel, Ms Lim has held various leadership positions. She was the Director of Group Corporate Development (GCD) of Keppel Corporation Limited and concurrently the Managing Director of Keppel Urban Solutions (KUS), an end-to-end integrated master developer of liveable, smart and sustainable precincts and townships in the Asia-Pacific region. As the Director of GCD, she focused on harnessing collaboration and synergies across the Business units and functions within the Keppel Group. As the Managing Director of KUS, she led the unit to capture business opportunities, tapping on the mega trends of rapid urbanisation and the increasing global focus on sustainability.

Prior to these, Ms Lim was the Executive Director of Infrastructure Services in Keppel Infrastructure, where she stewarded the business by driving plants efficiency and reliability, health, safety & environment (HSE) performance and developing procurement strategies. She has diverse experience in operation and process excellence as well as people and organisation management.

Her principal directorships include Keppel Infrastructure, Keppel Infrastructure Services Pte Ltd, Keppel Urban Solutions Pte Ltd, Primus I Investment Holdings Pte Ltd, Primus II Investment Holdings Pte Ltd, Kobleen Pte Ltd, Mulwort Pte. Ltd, Leklier Pte Ltd and MET Holding AG.

Ms Lim holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Production) (Second Upper Honours) from Nanyang Technological University and an Executive MBA from the Singapore Management University.

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